Campbell Mattinson The Wine Front - 2011

“Funny story of how I came across this wine. I’ve been house-hunting of late and at one house one of the real estate agents we’ve been dealing with said, So what do you think of the Piano Piano wines? I’ve never heard of them, I said. It means “slowly, slowly” in Italian, she says. I like that, I replied, it’s a lovely name for a wine. She said, I’ll get you a bottle. A month or more passed but this morning I needed to look through another house with the same agent – and as I left, she handed me this wine. It’s from Beechworth, she said. Chardonnay, she added. Indeed it is”. “Now normally circumstances like this don’t result in a wine of note – but this wine is an exception. It’s lovely. Indeed I served it to my wife, blind, and asked her whose wine she thought it was; she started rattling off a stellar cast of top echelon Austral